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Current Open Business Sector List | Back to Business Toolkit & Reopening Playbook

Open Businesses at a Glance 7.21.2020


New Information Hyperlink! Click Below:

Guidelines- Outdoor Services for Hair Salons and Barbershops

Mandatory Checklist- Outdoor Services for Hair Salons and Barbershops


Business Reopening Playbook for Danville, Alamo, Blackhawk and Contra Costa County

The Recover Danville Alliance is proud to release the Danville Area Business Reopening Playbook! The playbook gives guidance and resources to businesses to support them in their efforts to serve their customers and the community in a safe and sustainable fashion as we all navigate the current and ongoing pandemic. read more

COVID-19 First Friday Follow Up and Future Focus, FAQs and Important Links

The Friday Follow Up and Future Focus Webinars will now be held on the First Friday of each month rather than each week!

The Next Webinar is scheduled for September 4th, 2020 at 10:00am


Update 8.07.2020

Webinar Replay:

Friday Update Meeting and Business Update 08/07/2020

Password: .B*81i8v

Update 7.31.2020

Webinar Replay:

No Replay available due to technical issues

*No acute action needed

Update 7.24.2020

Webinar Replay:

Friday Update Meeting and Business Update 07/24/2020

Password: !.ZOY3W1

Update 7.17.2020

Webinar Replay:

Friday Update Meeting and Business Update 07/17/2020

Password: 9X$…3v

Update 7.10.2020

Webinar Replay:

Friday Update Meeting and Business Update 07/10/2020

Password: 8M*Y64SD

Updates 7.2.2020

Friday Update Meeting and Business Update 070220

Roadmap to Re-opening 6.29.2020

Updates 6.26.2020

Webinar Replay

Password: 2Q!Nb.I9


Updates 6.19.2020

Webinar Replay

Password: 6U%D&?7&


Updates 6.12.2020

Webinar Replay

Password: 4o=+9U3@ 


Updates 5.29.2020

Webinar Replay

Password: 4f*!@2LQ 

County Road to Reopening


Updates 5.22.2020

Webinar Replay 

Password: 9D%N%X3e


PPP Forgiveness Guide


PPP Forgiveness Application 



Updates 5.15.2020

Looking for a list of open businesses? Try the newly launched link below:

Town of Danville Open Essential Business Link

We need to help curb the spread by increasing our testing! All Contra Costa Residents can Get Tested for COVID-19 for free! Schedule an appointment HERE!


Have a PPP or applying now? See additional changes proposed for the PPP portion of the Cares Act that goes to Congress today! See the summary HERE!


With the COVID-19 pandemic creating, almost daily, changes to both our general and business communities we wanted to provide a weekly platform to provide updates as to what has transpired over the previous week (CARES Act, Shelter In Place, Essential Business Designations, County Health Services Declarations, Economic Development etc.). Further, to assist with visioning, as we look forward to what resources and actions will need to be taken today, to prepare for our future recovery. read more

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