Ambassadors are the public relations arm of the Chamber membership. They make members feel welcome, give the Chamber recognition at public gatherings, greet new businesses into the community, promote the Chamber’s interests and goals, and get people involved in Chamber functions. In short, they do those things which may come under the general heading of “Public Relations”.

Chamber Ambassadors represent and communicate the Chamber’s mission and provide networking opportunities for business people. If you would like to join this prestigious, energetic group – please call Zae Perrin, President/CEO at (925) 837-4400 or drop him an email at

Annual Ambassador Awards

Robert Landy  – Ambassador of the Year 2016

Past Awards

Jane Macken – Ambassador of the Year 2015

Dee Thompson – Ambassador of the Year 2014

Michael Spranger – Ambassador of the Year 2013

Tom Eager – Ambassador of the Year 2012

Dee Thompson – Ambassador of the Year 2011

Paulina McGill – Ambassador Of The Year 2010

Linda Jimerson – Ambassador Of The Year 2009

Stan Eigelberner – Ambassador Of The Year 2008

Dee Thompson – Ambassador Of The Year 2007

Rick Johnson – Ambassador Of The Year 2006

Rick Johnson – Ambassador Of The Year 2005

Bob Landy – Ambassador Of The Year 2004