Chamber Staff


Zae Perrin : President, CEO

Zae Perrin

President, CEO

I am honored to have been given the opportunity to work with, and for, all of the fantastic people involved with the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce.  I look forward to navigating the ever-changing business climate and uncovering new ways for the Chamber of Commerce to add value to our members and resources to the local communities. (925) 837-4400 x 1803
Jodie Brescia : Events Director

Jodie Brescia

Events Director (925) 837-4400 x 1804
Kathryn Benvenuto : Office Administrator

Kathryn Benvenuto

Office Administrator (925) 837-4400 x 1802
Jessi Waite : Office Administrator

Jessi Waite

Office Administrator (925) 837-4400 x 1801
Zae Perrin : Membership Director

Zae Perrin

Membership Director (925) 837-4400 X 1806