Membership Benefits

Dear Business Owner,

The Danville Area Chamber of Commerce is the lifeline for business-to-business connecting in the greater Danville community. We provide the opportunity to meet and connect with nearly 600 members who live, thrive, and succeed in the Danville Area. Every business is provided the ability to extend its reach into the greater Danville community through partnerships with other business colleagues. The Chamber provides the opportunity to access and meet other business owners just like yourself. Here are some of the things we’re offering in 2021:

  • Navigating the maze of federal, state, and local grants during COVID-19.
  • Partnerships with the Town of Danville for one-on-one business assistance for federal, state, and local grants and loans.
  • Access to regional innovators who make our community vibrant.
  • Participation in economic summits and regional collaborations.
  • Increased visibility for your business in the broader Danville Area and San Ramon and Tri-Valley regions.
  • Increasing your knowledge by attending workshops and educational programs – many of which are complimentary and tailor-made for businesses in the greater Danville Area
  • Increased influence over public policy issues that impact your business.
  • Joining networking groups like our Small Business Council, Sunrise Alliance, and Diablo Business Network to promote one-on-one and small-group collaborations.
  • Connections with prospective customers through social media and online events.
  • Meeting new friends at our signature events, community gatherings and ribbon-cuttings.
  • Access to private meeting room space.

Most importantly, the Chamber is focused on providing a unique member experience through its events, whether they are educational or just plain “fun”.

If you’re looking for connections and customers or just want to support your local business community by being a respected Chamber of Commerce member, we welcome you to view our membership benefits. We promise to deliver a meaningful experience to you and your employees.

Best wishes,

Judy B. Lloyd
President & CEO

Jessi Waite

Jessi Waite
Membership | Office Manager

From the Board Chair

“Whether you are starting a new business or looking to grow and strengthen your existing business, the Danville Area Chamber is your one-stop support network. We will help you connect and find the resources you need to succeed.

We invite you to become a member, access our educational business programs and reach out to us for help during COVID-19 and beyond.”

— Kira Feick, Ignite HR Solutions

From the President & CEO

“I’m honored to work with local businesses to provide them with exposure that extends well beyond the greater Danville community. I will help enhance your partnerships in the Tri-Valley and cultivate meaningful relationships that will help your business flourish. Call anytime and I’ll meet with you and walk you through our programs.”

— Judy B. Lloyd, President & CEO