Town Council Approves Extended Outdoor Seating

June 14, 2021

Temporary Land Use Permits Extended Through January 3, 2022



Danville, CA – The Danville Area Chamber of Commerce strongly supports direction provided by the Danville Town Council at its June 15th meeting intended to extend the timeframe for expanded outdoor space for restaurant seating. After an hour of public comment, the Council directed Town staff to prepare an ordinance for consideration at the Council’s July 6 meeting which would extend the program through January 3, 2022.

Temporary outdoor seating commonly referenced as “parklets” has allowed the community to live locally, enjoying the beautiful outdoor atmosphere in Danville. Utilizing existing provisions of the Town’s zoning ordinance allowed the Town to begin issuing Temporary Land Use Permits (TLUP) in May of 2020. Guidance provided on June 15, 2021, will allow for the Town to proceed with an ordinance amendment to allow TLUP’s to remain through January 3, 2022. The Town is also considering a longer-term plan to allow for expanded outdoor uses as part its upcoming Town Master Plan.

“The Town’s has always prioritized attracting customers for downtown businesses as well as the amazing, diverse businesses located at our shopping centers. One unintended consequence of the pandemic is the chance to rethink how to meet this goal. We’ve seen an uptick of community support for restaurants and retail shops like never before,” said Judy Lloyd, President & CEO of the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce.

“The Town took swift action to allow our small businesses to open in some capacity during 2020. The parklets have allowed businesses to continue to operate, employees to continue to work, and our community to have some semblance of normal during the most turbulent year on record,” said Kira Feick, Board Chair.

Local retailer Keva Dodd of Whim House added: “It only makes sense to take this foundation and use it as the platform to fine tune and improve what has been established. If you take the opportunity to listen to your downtown businesses and the residents of our community who are taking advantage of our downtown, you may discover how these changes are making a dynamic impact for restaurants, retailers and services, all who are making up for great losses from 2020 and 2021.”

Local restaurant owner, Darren Matte, owner of Danville Harvest and Cocina Hermanas, worked with restaurant owners on a QR code survey at several establishments that yielded 2,737 responses in an 18-day period. Matte revealed results showing that 89% favored keeping expanded outdoor seating permanently with design and safety guidelines approved by the Town. Another 8% favored keeping expanded seating through patio season and just 3% opposed keeping expanded outdoor seating in place. “We are proud of our partnership with the Town Council. They listened to the business community and made a great decision that helps businesses who are just getting back on their feet to survive and thrive,” said Lloyd.

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